Brooks Machine & Design, Inc. is an ABB Authorized Robotics Systems Integrator. We have designed and installed many robotic systems and commissioned many different types of robots from Scara robots to Gantry robotic systems. Illustrated in the top picture is a material handling robotic system where a six axis ABB IRB7600 Robot is moving stainless steel baskets through a process cell. The baskets empty weigh 250 lbs and when filled with product weigh approximately 700 lbs. The middle picture is also a six axis ABB IRB7600 Robot that is used to lift full pallets of product from a shrink wrap machine and double stack them onto a take away pallet conveyor. After the pallet is placed onto the conveyor the robot stacks the next pallet on top and then pushes the double stack out of the cell for pick up. The third picture is a high speed pick and place assembly machine which utilizes a four axis IAI Scara Robot for assembly. The Scara robot in this system picks a cap and by vision camera guidance presses it onto a bottom unit. The assembly then gets transferred into another unit with a servo gripper system.

Here is a link to ABB Robotics where you can see different model robots that ABB has to offer


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